Ray Espinosa

County Administrative Officer
San Benito County

As the CAO, Ray oversees the County's budget's preparation, adoption, and administration. He coordinates the activities of the other departments and agencies to ensure the effective accomplishments of the Board's core values, vision, direction, and policies, along with providing the framework of commitment to the improvement of San Benito County.

Raymond Espinosa has served as the County of San Benito County Administrative Officer (CAO) and interim CAO since November 2012. In addition to managing the affairs of the County, Mr. Espinosa serves on the Central Coast Community Energy (3CE) Operating Board, is a member of the various County of San Benito committees, including but not limited to the Fire Protection and Economic Development Advisory Committee, and is Director of Labor relations, emergency services, internal services, and technology to name a few of his roles. He earned his B.A. in Public Administration from Golden Gate University. He has also attended the Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service at the University of Virginia.