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Housing Element Webinar

The MBEP Housing Team was back in action to deliver another crash course and panel discussion on Housing Element Updates as part of Housing Santa Cruz County’s Affordable Housing Month celebrations! We were so excited to be joined by Sibley Simon of New Way Homes, Katherine Donovan with the City of Santa Cruz, and our very own Ashley Gauer of the MBEP Climate Initiative to discuss their respective roles in the update process and how their respective organizations stand to benefit from stellar 6th cycle Housing Elements! As we noted several times during the presentation, we highly recommend watching our Housing Element Kickoff presentation below before diving into the panel discussion – it’ll help a lot! Thank you so all who joined us live. See you next time!

Housing Element Kickoff Event

The MBEP Housing Team was joined by Sibley Simon from New Way Homes and Jon Wizard and Jes McBride from YIMBY Law to kick off a multi-year long process to update our jurisdictions’ Housing Element. What’s a Housing Element you ask?

Very long story short, a Housing Element is a public planning document required by the State of California that provides a blueprint for housing development and growth over an eight-year period. In this webinar, we get into the nuts and bolts of Housing Elements, provide some historical context, guide you through all those tricky acronyms, outline the next steps for our region, and more! If you get lost in the technicalities, don’t worry. We do too! This is only the beginning of the process and we’re all here to learn together.

So don’t be shy! View the event recording, scroll through the slide deck, and discover some handy resources and ways to get involved in the process. Oh, and don’t forget to sign up if you’d like to stay informed and/or get involved in future Housing Element efforts.

Also, please be sure to sign up for MBEP’s Action Center Alerts to stay informed about the Housing Element Update process and ways to get involved!

Meet our presenters…

Housing Element Coordinator, YIMBY Law

Jes McBride is a Housing Element Coordinator for YIMBY Law and the Campaign for Fair Housing Elements. With experience in bike advocacy, rail transit, and land use consultant, Jes loves exploring a wide range of planning topics. She has been involved in her local community through animal rescue, serving on the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council, and as a community mediator with the Neighborhood Justice Project. In 2017, she founded Open Silo, a non-profit organization with a mission to support urban agriculture in Southern California. This project developed her superpowers of community building and technical assistance. She holds a Master of Urban and Regional Planning from UCLA. Jes lives in Northeast Los Angeles and loves road trips, long range bike tours, and neighborhood explorations.

President, New Way Homes

Sibley is a social entrepreneur, a co-founder of the 180/2020 Initiative to end veteran and chronic homelessness in Santa Cruz County, and a former award-winning technology innovator. As President of New Way Homes and Managing Director of Envision Housing, he works to help address our region’s housing crisis by developing new workforce and affordable housing without government construction subsidy.

Seaside City Council

Jon Wizard is a lifelong public servant, having worked in youth sports and public safety. Following a career-ending injury while working as a deputy sheriff, Jon transitioned into public policy and was appointed to several local boards and commissions before being elected to the Seaside City Council. He has also managed public relations for Habitat for Humanity Monterey Bay. Jon holds a Master of the Humanities with a thesis on the militarization of police in the United States and is currently pursuing a Master’s of Public Administration. Jon’s superpowers are analysis and policy language. He lives in Seaside and enjoys using his pilot’s license to travel to new places with friends and family!