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Membership fuels our efforts and provides opportunities to advance agenda and policy issues important to the Monterey Bay region, and to network with peers and elected officials from all over the region. Together, with our members, we tackle some of the biggest issues facing the region through focused initiatives (learn more below). 

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    Benefits of Membership


    We support our members in the creation and retention of new jobs and businesses which support a sustainable region as well as provide opportunities to advance agendas and policy issues important to you and the Monterey Bay region.

    Marketing & Awareness

    We amplify members’ organization’s successes and cross-promote wins/events through our regional marketing efforts and highlight members who are gaining regional traction on important issues.


    We convene local leaders to drive progress on critical issues. Join a network of civic, business and nonprofit leaders – synergistic like-minded organizations who have a shared vision of our region working together to affect change.



    We catalyze new regional resources by bringing new partners and funding to the region. Access the expertise of our member network to learn best practices and gain help in finding solutions to your organization’s challenges. Take advantage of Team MBEP’s technical expertise for customized solutions in housing, climate change, broadband, workforce development, and more.


    We bring together leaders and influencers from across the region to address the biggest issues affecting the economic health and vitality of the region at two major events each year: the Regional Economic Summit in spring and the State of the Region in fall.

    Data Tracking

    We provide members with exclusive access to in-depth, aggregated, and visualized data for the entire Monterey Bay region, broken down by the individual county and city in our data trackers.


    In 2016, MBEP launched our housing initiative to support an increase in the supply of all housing at all income levels in the Monterey Bay region. Our initiative starts with a broad, regional coalition of individuals and organizations to advocate for the construction of all types of housing through our MBEP Action Center.

    Workforce Development

    Working with students, educators, and employers our Workforce Development Initiative seeks to create positive change through collaborative approaches that bring new resources and programs to the region, amplify the impact of best practices, and support work-based learning to ease the transition of students to the workforce, to develop a strong workforce for our region.


    Since the launch of our Broadband initiative in 2015, we have been working with our members and partners to explore how we can facilitate high-speed broadband coverage for all residents in the Monterey Bay region. MBEP works closely with the Central Coast Broadband Consortium on our broadband initiative, and we are in constant contact with the Governor’s office and the CPUC to advocate for coverage in our region. MBEP is uniquely positioned as a convener in the region to bring the city and county governments, County Offices of Education, and ISPs together to take action and improve broadband coverage.

    Climate Change

    The evidence that the climate is changing is undeniable. As evidence mounts, the scientific record only becomes more definitive, and makes clear the need to take additional action now. Our planet’s climate is increasingly affected by human activities. Observed greenhouse gas emissions have increased by more than 130 parts per million from 1970 to 2017. Hard to ignore are increasingly extreme climatic conditions — hotter, wetter, colder, drier — and sea-level rise, as well as more intense and frequent storms, droughts, and wildfires.

    What our community is saying about Monterey Bay Economic Partnership:

    “The education, convening and advocacy provided by the MBEP staff and their Housing Advisory Committee have been invaluable in shaping our regional conversation around housing. We are proud to be an MBEP member and feel it has helped elevate our work at United Way. Together we are bringing affordable housing to the families of Monterey County.”

    Katy Castagna
    President & CEO
    United Way Monterey County

    “It’s easy to have a good idea and a lot harder to make that idea happen. I continue to point to MBEP as one of the best examples I’ve seen of an organization taking on the challenge of affordable housing and coming up with innovative and specific solutions that meet the region’s needs.”

    Linda Mandolini, President, Eden Housing

    “Cabrillo is very pleased to be a member of the Monterey Bay Career Connect Network that supports our students’ career path journeys. Career Coach is a tool that helps guide our students every step of the way from career exploration to employment and empowers them to make informed career choices and work towards their dream careers by enrolling in a college that offers courses in their chosen field.”

    Gerlinde Brady, Dean of Career Technical Education
    and Workforce Development, Cabrillo College

    Please contact Tahra Goraya at [email protected] for more information.