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Demographics & Housing

What is the median home value?

What is the median rent?

What are the demographics of the region?

The California Housing Partnership recently launched the Housing Needs Dashboard, a new online data tool to discover and compare housing data for every California county and the state overall.


Working with students, educators, and employers our Workforce Development Initiative seeks to create positive change through collaborative approaches that bring new resources and programs to the region, amplify the impact of best practices, and support work-based learning to ease the transition of students to the workforce, to develop a strong workforce for our region.

Launched Hospitality 2 Health (H2H)
Introduced Degrees When Due
Monterey Bay Career Connect
Student Ambassador Program
Monterey Bay Internships
Workforce Development & Employment

What is the regions unemployment rate?

What is the economic forecast for the region?

What are the regions biggest industries?

What percent of our population have a bachelor's or higher degree?

Where can i find STEM degree data for our region?