For the past few years we’ve worked with members and partners to promote a thriving tech ecosystem in the region with meetups, co-working spaces and access to education. We are now working with our members and partners to explore how we can facilitate high-speed broadband coverage throughout the region.

More About Our Tech Initiative
  • Tech Data Tracker

    Explore high-speed broadband access and tech degrees awarded by educational institutions in the region.

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    In 2018 the State of California established the standard for broadband at 10 Mbps download / 1 Mbps upload. We partnered with the Central Coast Broadband Consortium (CCBC) and got key players together to determine our own regional broadband standard of 100 Mbps download / 20 Mbps upload, and are working to get high-speed internet coverage throughout the region. Read more about our methodology and research by downloading our white paper.

  • Tech Events

    View a list of MeetUps, demo nights, hackathons, game jams and networking events throughout the Monterey Bay region.

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  • Components of a Tech Ecosystem

    Explore the several building blocks that combine to create innovative advancements and services within the tech industry.

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  • Tech Ecosystem Accomplishments

    The Sunesys middle mile broadband fiber from Santa Cruz to Soledad is now installed and being used, and we are encouraging “dig once” policies in all jurisdictions to turn public works departments into facilitators of the high-speed broadband infrastructure. Click here to see our other accomplishments.