Santa Cruz City

UCSC Student
Housing West

Located on the University of California, Santa Cruz campus, this unique project is led by the University and addresses the need for more student housing. A total of 3,072 beds and 1,082 units are included in the development for undergraduate, graduate, and student-family communities. MBEP is proud to have endorsed UCSC Student Housing West in October 2018, recognizing the benefit of addressing student housing needs to surrounding housing markets. Student Housing West was approved by the UC Regents in January 2019.

Development Type

Student Housing

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Project Background

Currently, UC Santa Cruz houses just over half of students on campus – the highest percentage of any campus in the University of California system. Despite this, and in light of how impacted the off-campus Santa Cruz area housing market is, we need to do more to offer affordable options and appropriate housing for our students.

The current percentage of students housed on campus has been achieved, in part, through the densification of our existing housing facilities beyond the intended design capacity, severely impacting the quality of life and educational experience of students currently living on campus. Upper division students today have limited options for residing on campus and thus are generally forced off campus into the surrounding community.

In order to foster better housing security, a deep connection to the campus and student body, and position students for the utmost success, we are committed to expanding residential options and capacity on campus.