Ameer Othman

Director of Economic Development & Digital Equity

Ameer brings a strong background in community engagement, policy advocacy and analysis, and California politics focusing on improving the lives of underserved and underrepresented communities by advancing and developing generational social mobility for such groups. Ameer's dedication to making a positive impact extends to his work with nonprofit and policy think tanks, including California Forward, The Borgen Project, and WhoWhatWhy. In 2020, Ameer spearheaded a community project for the Black Lives Matter movement, which facilitated leadership development and political action to call for social justice and equity.

Ameer is an alumnus of the University of the Pacific, where he earned a bachelor of arts degree in Political Science. Ameer furthered his education at the University of California, San Diego's School of Global Policy & Strategy (GPS) where he received his Master's in Public Policy with a double specialization in Inequality & Social Policy and International Peace & Security.Ameer served as an academic researcher at the UCSD Health Sustainability Department, and a graduate teaching assistant with UCSD's Political Science Department and the UCSD School of Global Policy & Strategy (GPS). Ameer holds STATA, US Business Practices, Project Management, and Football Analytics certificates.

Ameer's passion for community and grassroots efforts can be traced back to his diverse background as a Palestinian American Muslim and first-generation son of an immigrant and refugee from the Middle East. He credits his identity and ancestral heritage as a driving force in shaping his belief in the power of multi-faith collaboration and his unwavering commitment to working in the public space with local organizations and nonprofits that share his ambitions.Ameer's unique perspective and personal experiences have provided him with a deep understanding of the challenges faced by marginalized communities, and he is dedicated to using his expertise to effect positive change in economic development and social mobility.