2018 State of the Region Recap

Friday, November 30, 2018 from 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Embassy Suites, Seaside CA


Over the past four years, MBEP has brought people together to solve problems and do grand things that they cannot do on their own. MBEP’s 4th Annual State of the Region was another compelling gathering of leaders from across the region and the state with relevant topics that inspired collaboration and action. Attendees learned about innovations in housing, transportation, and exciting new technologies, tools, and models that are coming to our region. Click here for a video recap from MBEP Board of Directors Co-Chair, Bud Colligan.


Thank you to all of you who participated! Our goal is to produce informative and engaging events that tackle the most important issues facing the Monterey Bay region. We’re glad you joined us!



Download our 2018 State of the Region program here.


Keynote Presentation Videos

Morning Keynote: Dave Evans, Designing Your Region

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Afternoon Keynote:  Senator Scott Weiner, The Election is Over — How Did Housing Do and Where Do We Go From Here?

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Presentation Materials

Welcome: Kate Roberts, Monterey Bay Economic Forum Update (Slides)

Keynote: Dave Evans, Designing Your Region (Slides)


Graphic Recordings

Illustrations by Kathleen Crocetti, Director, un Watsonville Brilliante




Afternoon Roundtables

Participants had eight options to choose from. Below is a brief summary of outcomes and next steps from each:

Housing and Water: Ideas for Policy Improvements
  • Create moveable, aggregated water credits for housing.
  • Prioritize future water credits for affordable housing.
  • Restrict private water wells.
  • Create a technology toolkit aimed at water conservation and code changes.
  • Advocate for a statewide mandate for water allocation for affordable housing.
  • Research stormwater storage opportunities.
  • Identify large water projects that can move the needle on housing.
Creating a Blue Zone
  • Blue Zones are just being introduced to our region with Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare taking the lead.
  • Many community partners are excited to be part of this effort that unites many of the region’s existing programs.
  • The goal is to cast a wide net to work with health and wellness providers, employers, restaurants, non-profits, local jurisdictions and more in order to be as inclusive as possible.
  • Metrics such as health benefit/insurance utilization, lost hours of productivity at work, and a voluntary annual biometrics screening will be a key focus. Community surveys will be distributed in the spring in partnership with Gallup.
Drones and Airspace Innovations
  • Jobs: Lots of opportunities for well-paying jobs in the areas of maintenance, mechatronics, applied mechanics and data analysis.
  • Education: MBEP will engage with our educational partners to define how to provide adequate training for the above jobs.
  • Policy: Key requirements are ensuring that the airspace management is orchestrated properly on the local and national levels and successfully navigating policies.
  • Infrastructure: We must properly build and manage the right infrastructure needed to land, refuel and recharge.

Click here for a recap from Santa Cruz Tech Beat.

Leveling the Playing Field in Education
  • Digital badging: Work backwards to engage employers to clearly identify needs.
    Online college: Leverage the Community College’s recent creation of an exclusively Online College.
    Work-based learning: Utilize Monterey Bay Internships to gain skills and experience.
Designing Your Region — A Deeper Dive

  • Dave Evans conducted a hands-on workshop to come up with a “prototype” that addresses a chosen issue utilizing a 5-step method and a worksheet.
  • Participants submitted a “topic of interest” on their worksheets which were then voted on.
  • Issues ranged from public transportation, education, nutrition, public art and environmental concerns, but the top issue was housing.
  • Participants then collaborated utilizing a design thinking exercise to develop a concrete prototype that was ready to be implemented.
  • Feedback from the group was that speaking with strangers was productive and enjoyable. Given the time constraints of the exercise, people got to the main points and bonded quickly.
Innovations in Sport Tech Manufacturing
  • Launch Sport and Recreation Tech MeetUp to meet quarterly.
  • Create a Sport Tech Manufacturing Exhibit at Inboard headquarters.
  • Work with CSUMB to include a Sport Tech Manufacturing component in the upcoming Sustainable Hospitality Summit in January 2019.
  • Promote and participate in National Manufacturers’ Day on Oct. 4, 2019.
Aiming Higher in Broadband Coverage in Access
  • The big issue in the region is middle to last mile from Sunesys. Since we have so many rural areas — for which it is extremely expensive to build that infrastructure — there needs to be an incentive or funding to reach these residents/businesses (e.g., require ISPs to serve “X” rural area if it is serving “Y” urban area).
  • We must advocate for our new high-speed broadband regional standard (100 Mbps up/20 Mbps down) through creation of consistent ordinances throughout jurisdictions in the region.
  • Model ordinances and purchasing policies should be presented to councils with the big providers (AT&T, Comcast and Charter) as well as independent ISPs in attendance.

Click here for a recap from Santa Cruz Tech Beat.

Smart Commuting Employer Toolkit Workshop
  • Re-mode, re-time, reduce and re-route: Implementing these “4 R’s” of transportation will help us reduce traffic congestion in the Monterey Bay region.
  • To eliminate single- driver car trips, we need to harness the power of MBEP’s member network of 80+ employers.
  • Employers are interested in completing assessments and attending workshops to identify the best ways to customize an employee commute program that works for them.
  • Sign the pledge! Go to MBEP’s Action Center to pledge to re-think your commute today.

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