Regions Rising Together: Salinas

This initiative began in February 2020 with the support of CA Forward and the James Irvine Foundation. Over the past months, we’ve been digging into what inclusive economic development really means for our region, and co-creating a new reality with those communities who are most affected. This work is forcing people to think differently about our structures and systems that enable and perpetuate racial inequity. And it also forces people to think about their own role through that lens. (Click here to read an open letter on race equity from MBEP Board Chair, Dr. Eduardo Ochoa.)

It’s a big task, but the process thus far has been incredibly rewarding. We slowed the process down to ensure authentic community engagement which is creating trust and enabling progress. And it’s leading to critical race equity conversations that address existing constraints that will, in turn, inform our investment priorities.

Now of course, MBEP and many, many others are already doing some fantastic work! This initiative will help amplify and connect the dots — to enable us to better synchronize and leverage all of our efforts.

Regions Rise Together Salinas is an inclusive economic development initiative that seeks to:

  • Achieve inclusivity and prosperity for ALL residents in the Salinas Valley,
  • Synchronize and leverage existing efforts,
  • Enable & empower communities through the co-creation of investment plans, and ultimately …
  • Demonstrate that our region is investment ready & investment-worthy

Use the arrows below to scroll through key slides outlining primary issues, processes, and measurement framework.

For a complete project update click here.

Project Partners

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