Recycling & Reuse

Let’s face it, we live in a finite world. The 3 Rs are a win all around. Reducing, reusing and recycling conserves resources, saves energy and money, reduces air and water pollution, keeps our communities clean, creates new markets and jobs, prevents further extraction for raw materials, and so much more. According to the EPA on the national Recycling Economic Information (REI) Study, in a single year, recycling created 757,000 jobs, which account for $36.6 billion in wages. This equates to 1.57 jobs, $76,000 in wages, and $14,101 in tax revenues for every 1000 tons of waste recycled. MBEP is working with its members to spread awareness and resources, encourage zero waste planning, and expand new market development across the region.


The Monterey Bay Aquarium isn’t just a fun, colorful, vibrant family-friendly attraction for locals and visitors alike, it’s an educational center on ocean health and plastic pollution as well as an advocacy and action-oriented hub for clean coastal waters, sustainable seafood, plastic pollution, and climate change.


MBEP is working with the County’s Sustainability Program and Health Department to promote recycling resources and recovery services. Everything from residential, business and special events waste to policy, legislation, mandatory organics recycling and local reusable bag ordinances can be found on the Department’s webpage. MBEP is also supporting the County’s Sustainability Program to promote their community engagement process for developing a set community sustainability goals and task force groups in key areas.


The County’s Integrated Waste Management Regional Agency (IWMRA) and MBEP, alongside the initiative’s Central Coast RMDZ zone administrators, are partnering to revive the program in the County, learn from and share ideas with other cities and counties in the region, and get businesses the resources and guidance they need to increase their bottom line while preserving our environment and creating new jobs.