Workforce Housing

MPUSD Bond Measure Would Fund Teacher Housing

MBEP’s Housing Initiative includes an Employer-Sponsored Housing strategy that supports partnerships between major employers, developers, and the community to create more affordable housing for our region’s workforce.

The Monterey Peninsula Unified School District is looking to employer-sponsored housing to stop what it calls an exodus of existing staff who leave the district each year to seek more affordable housing elsewhere. Close to 100 teachers leave MPUSD each year, according to the district, mostly because of the limited supply and high cost of housing in Monterey County. That makes it hard for the district to hire and retain teachers and staff.

Since 2018, MBEP has supported MPUSD’s efforts in working toward employer-sponsored housing solutions.

At a special July 14 board meeting, the MPUSD Board of Trustees agreed to place an item on the board agenda to move forward with a workforce housing model and the possibility of placing a housing bond on the November 2020 ballot. The final action requires a super majority or five of the Trustees to vote in favor.

The Board heard presentations and discussions on staff housing from MidPen Housing, Habitat for Humanity, and Ausonio, Inc. and the district is looking to build its own below-market-rate housing for its teachers so they can afford to remain in the district.

The Board’s final action would start the process of placing a bond measure on the November ballot to fund a teacher housing project, which would likely include approximately 100 multifamily units and another 20 single-family units for district employees under the MidPen and Habitat for Humanity proposal. The amount of the bond would be in the $60 million range. The district has already identified several potential sites, including a plot of district-owned land behind Seaside Middle School.

This effort is a substantive solution to the needs and desires expressed in the results of the MPUSD Teacher/Staff Housing Survey completed in September 2019, which found that over 79% of respondents agreed with the need for district-sponsored below-market-rate rental housing.

Helping to attract and retain this vital segment of our workforce is extremely important for our students and their families during this extraordinary time.

MPUSD’s proposed employee housing development and bond financing mechanism is in alignment with our Employee-Sponsored Housing initiative. Follow us on social media to learn more about supporting this opportunity.

Other employers in the region have reached out to MBEP for guidance in possible workforce housing: Kaiser Permanente and the Monterey Bay Aquarium are looking into employee housing, while Hartnell College is weighing the option of student and faculty housing near campus.

News courtesy of KSBW, Monterey Peninsula Unified School District; graphic courtesy of MPUSD.