November 9, 2017

Monterey Bay Economic Partnership Unveils New Transportation Initiative

Marina, CA — Monterey Bay Economic Partnership (MBEP) announced its latest initiative focused on creating regional transportation options that lead to walkable neighborhoods, dynamic main streets and healthier communities. This new initiative was unveiled at MBEP’s 3rd Annual State of the Region conference on November 8. MBEP is dedicated to improving the quality of life in the region, and how we move within and between our cities has a major impact on the well-being of our neighborhoods and residents.

For decades, transportation investments have prioritized the movement of personal vehicles, with funding directed at expensive highway and road construction. The recent passage of state and local transportation funding measures creates a unique opportunity to create a broad range of sustainable active transportation options. Working with nationally renowned transportation consultancy Alta Planning + Design, MBEP has created a Regional Transportation White Paper that focuses on actionable solutions to manage congestion, provide mobility choices and options, promote sustainable economic growth, improve public health, and safeguard a high quality of life in the Monterey Bay region.

“We believe the timing is right with the recent passage of the state transportation funding bill (SB1) and sales tax Measures X and D in Monterey and Santa Cruz counties,” said MBEP President Kate Roberts. “With these new resources, our region has the opportunity to build on the great work happening already and chart a path toward building a more effective transportation system. The White Paper is the first step in beginning the conversation on what MBEP could do as it explores potential areas to invest energy and resources.”

At the State of the Region conference, many transportation related topics were showcased, including grass-roots work that has transformed communities by investing in places centered on people and their needs. Keynote speaker Chuck Marohn’s presentation highlighted “bottoms-up” approaches of making small, incremental investments to improve things as a powerful alternative to the trickle-down, megaprojects that are often prioritized.

About MBEP The Monterey Bay Economic Partnership (MBEP) is a regional nonprofit, membership organization consisting of public, private and civic entities located throughout the counties of Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz. MBEP’s mission is to improve the economic health and quality of life in the region. Visit www.mbep.biz for more information.

About Alta Planning + Design Their mission is to create active, healthy communities. Part of active, healthy communities is identifying ways to enhance vibrancy, safety and mobility to better move and connect people to improve the livability and economy of communities. They are planning, designing and implementing some of the nation’s greatest trail and complete streets projects. They work closely with national and state agencies and organizations on research and developing new transportation policies and guidelines along with regional and local agencies to utilize creative solutions to turn challenging issues into opportunities by redefining the problem and success. Visit www.altaplanning.com for more information.