Support 233 New Rental Homes

in Downtown Santa Cruz

Please join MBEP and other organizations like the Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce, Santa Cruz County Business Council, YIMBY, and Housing Santa Cruz County in supporting the proposed development at 130 Center St. at the next City Council meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 25 (time TBA). Please also submit your letter of support through our Action Center by 5 p.m., Jan. 24.

Under the city’s objective development standards, Swenson¬†Builders developed a three-story conforming project with 155 single-room occupancy (SRO) units that conform to the city’s inclusionary affordability ordinance, which requires 20% to be designated as Moderate Income. Swenson is providing 31 inclusionary units (20%) of the total 155 SRO units. Of these, 23 units (15%) will be designated as Very Low-Income and 8 units (5%) as Moderate Income. Based on the affordability designation of the inclusionary units, the project qualifies for a State Density Bonus for up to a 50% increase, totaling 233 mixed-income SRO units. Individuals such as teachers and seniors, couples and service industry workers are target populations who could benefit from the affordable units. We encourage you to read our white paper on the state’s Density Bonus law and its co-benefits.

This project serves as a model for mixed-income higher density proposals and successful utilization of the Housing Affordability Act and Density Bonus on a major commercial corridor. In addition to the 50% Density Bonus qualifier, the project is seeking a parking requirement reduction to provide housing and equitable access to public transit as it is located within a half-mile of the Downtown Transit Station. The development will provide EV charging and bicycle storage to residents to promote green infrastructure and sustainable mobility.

Please take action now and express your support today. For project details and updates, visit the city’s project page.