State of the Region Preview:

Could Factory-Built, Folding Homes

be One Solution to California’s Housing Crisis?

What if you could order a house online, have it promptly shipped to you, and unfold it into a ready-to-occupy residence in just hours?

That’s the plan laid out by Boxabl, a construction technology startup that aims to revolutionize housing construction through the mass production of factory-built stackable room modules. Its flagship product, a prefab studio apartment known as the Casita, starts at just $49,500.

Promoted primarily as an accessory dwelling unit, the Casita is already attracting huge interest: Elon Musk reportedly lives in one of the 375-square-foot tiny homes in Texas. The federal government has issued a $9 million initial order. And the four-year-old company now has more than $1 million in preorders. 


By creating a unit that can fold flat into a standard shipping container and be installed in a backyard in about an hour, Boxabl solved many of the challenges that have plagued prefabricated home construction. The company’s North Las Vegas factory aims to produce a house every 90 minutes, up to 36,000 per year, with plans to introduce larger factory-built models in the future.

Using 90 percent less wood than traditional construction techniques, the Casita is made primarily of steel, concrete, and energy-efficient EPS foam and is resistant to fire, mold, flood, and pests, and is highly energy efficient.

“We’ve got a new way to build housing that’s better, cheaper, faster and can help solve the worldwide housing crisis,” company founder Galiano Tiramani recently told Forbes. “The goal of Boxabl is to dramatically reduce housing costs by making building construction compatible with assembly-line mass production. We see a huge opportunity to transition the world from building by hand, to using the same factory principles that we use for all our other modern products.”

Hear more about how Boxabl’s folding houses could help solve California’s housing crisis at our 7th Annual State of the Region. The full event schedule is now available.

And there’s a full slate of thought-provoking speakers and topics designed to foster important regional conversations, from our panel discussion on childcare as an issue that impacts regional well-being to lightning rounds on housing legislation, racial bias in education, increasing degree attainment, and more. Our keynote speaker, Joby Aviation founder JoeBen Bevirt, will focus on “Building the Future of Mobility,” and we’ll hear from U.S. Rep. Jimmy Panetta and Sen. John Laird in a Fireside Chat. Check out the full agenda here!