Shea Homes Project Adds Workforce Housing Units

The Dunes will bring approximately 1,200 new housing units to the Monterey Bay as developer Shea Homes builds out the three phases of the development. And because of the intense demand for affordable housing in the region, Shea Homes has opted to include all its affordable and workforce units in the first two phases.

As reported by the Monterey County WeeklyShea Homes will include 45 duet units of workforce housing in Phase 2. About 20 percent of the housing units in the overall project will be affordable, and 5 percent are slated as workforce housing.

In a county with a median home price of $840,000, that means those workforce units — aiming to meet a need for employees such as teachers, firefighters, and moderate- to middle-income households earning 120 to 150 percent of the area median income — will be priced in the $700,000.

By comparison, the affordable units, which will be rentals, are earmarked for households with low or very low incomes.

“There is this gap in California that exists between luxury, high-end [housing] and affordable,” Shea Homes VP Don Hofer told The Monterey County Weekly. “We are trying to meet that gap.”