Happy anniversary to Santa Cruz County Bank, which marked its 15th anniversary in a particularly sweet way: Celebrating its customers at its five banking offices last week and giving out free cookies and coffee. It’s just one of the many ways the locally owned and operated bank celebrates its role as a true community partner. Last year, employees donated more than 600 hours to community service, and branches support a different nonprofit each month. It’s a philosophy that was built into the bank’s inception in 2004, and that commitment has remained through the years and throughout the financial institution’s expansion.

“We wanted the community to be in the bank, not just another bank on the corner someplace,” Santa Cruz County Bank’s CEO David Heald told the Santa Cruz Sentinel. “Our engagement within the community was important, if not as important as the overall financial performance of the bank.”

That overall financial performance is worth celebrating as well. With assets of $662 million in 2018 and eight successive years of record earnings, Santa Cruz County Bank is playing a major role in regional economic growth. Last year alone, the bank made $200 million in loans and it’s a top SBA lender in Santa Cruz County and the Silicon Valley.

“What we do every day supports the growth of the community,” says Santa Cruz County Bank Senior Vice President/Chief Marketing Officer Mary Anne Carson. “Our whole business structure is built to support our customer’s needs, and that in turn supports the community’s needs.” Read more.

News courtesy of Santa Cruz Sentinel, video produced by Lucid Sound and Picture.

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