Bringing High Performance to Commercial Real Estate

Early last year, commercial energy efficiency solutions company Mynt Systems was named to the Inc. 5000 Series: California, which named the Santa Cruz-based firm as one of the state’s fastest-growing private companies based on revenue growth.

It’s not hard to understand why, as conversations about climate resilience move into the mainstream and companies become increasingly aware that what’s good for the planet can also be good for their bottom line. 

Mynt Systems helps them do both, says CEO Derek Hansen.

Founded in 2014, the company takes a holistic approach to help commercial and industrial clients, combining the assessment, engineering, design, and implementation of energy efficiency into one package, simplifying the process for its clients. Its portfolio includes a growing list of high-profile energy efficiency projects: In 2019, Mynt Systems helped transform the San Benito Health Foundation building into the state’s first net-zero carbon, grid failure-resilient healthcare facility, replacing its fluorescent lighting and a 25-year-old HVAC system with LED lighting, rooftop solar with battery backup, while concurrently performing a complete facelift and installing a teaching kitchen. Ensuring resilience against planned and unplanned power outages, the upgrades also resulted in a savings of 214,291 annual kilowatt-hours and $42,366 in first-year savings.

A combination of efficiency measures such as LED lighting, prismatic skylights, new HVAC controls, and window film and rooftop solar helped Graniterock achieve 99 percent energy savings at its corporate headquarters, avoiding 15 million pounds of CO2 emissions over the next two decades. Mynt Systems is now working with Graniterock on a 5-megawatt solar project at its quarry in Aromas, one of the first mines in the state to make a major investment in renewable energy. 

From commercial bakeries to computer chip manufacturing plants, Mynt Systems has tailored its energy efficiency expertise to the unique needs of each industrial facility, with the goal of creating high-performance, profitable properties.

That makes those companies more competitive and more resilient, says Hansen, and plays a vital role in supporting local production and revitalizing the economy.

“We believe heavily in the renewal of the green blue-collar,” says Hansen. “We’re cleaning up American industrial and commercial real estate and creating a massive amount of jobs across the economy through the ripple effect.”

Last year turned out to be Mynt System’s biggest year to date, says Hansen, who sees this as an “aha!” moment for renewable energy infrastructure and technology.

“We’re a part of the change that’s necessary,” says Hansen. “At the end of the day, we’re committed to the transformation of commercial real estate into sustainable, resilient assets.”