Seaside, the largest and most culturally diverse city on the Monterey Peninsula, has been quietly re-engineering its image in the past few years. No longer dwelling on the past, this MBEP member is simply poised to reinvent itself.

Here are the top things you should consider about the (near) future of Seaside, says Assistant City Manager Lesley Milton-Rerig:

Acknowledge history, then fugettabout it. Yes, the entire area was impacted by the loss of the former Fort Ord in 1993, Seaside is now developing abandoned land with unique projects like Campus Town, Main Gate, Seaside Senior Living facility – projects that benefit the entire community. 

CSUMB – an intellectual incubator helping create an educated workforce. Seaside has been working with the university to help strengthen the relationship among the institution, students and community. And the Sustainable Cities Program and Service Learning Program places students with the City to develop projects while a proposed Transient Occupancy Tax-funded scholarship could benefit Seaside residents graduating from high school.

Broadway: Seaside’s downtown reinvention. An $8 million investment has now seen a slew of car shows and creative community gatherings like a Zombie Prom and Exotics On Broadway, (which had over 20,000 attendees), not to mention new restaurants, a swanky new coffee shop and recording studio, and a highly anticipated craft brewery. Just wait until the catalyst upper Broadway development, the proposed Ascent project, a 110-unit mixed-use development kicks off development further up the street.

Parks and Public Spaces. You can hike, bike, walk, swim, or jungle gym. Touting the best weather on the Peninsula, we suggest you play outside at the city’s newly renovated multi-use field at Cutino Park. The astroturf field can be used for football, baseball, soccer or even futsol.

Field play not your thing? Check out Seaside’s first skate park that has been dubbed by local skate groms as the best in the region.

Finally, and most importantly, everyone is welcome. Seaside’s city motto is to “Include, Innovate, Inspire.” “If that doesn’t sell us as the most accepting, diverse, creative and fun city on the Peninsula,” says Milton-Rerig, “I’m not sure what you are looking for.”

Take the time to rethink Seaside!