MBEP member Joby Aviation is bringing some big new ideas about what’s possible in transportation in the Monterey Bay Region and beyond. As a growing number of metropolitan areas struggle with high traffic density, long commute times and ground infrastructure that isn’t keeping up with demand, the 10-year-old aerospace company is developing and commercializing an all-electric vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft to provide a safe, quiet, and affordable air-taxi service to revolutionize how people commute in dense urban environments. “Our goal is to save a billion people an hour a day,” says Joby Aviation’s Sustainability Manager Amy Gross.

The company is currently hiring for many positions in preparation for its production launch in Marina and, over the next year, intends to recruit, hire and train for a wide variety of positions.

“Joby Aviation is excited to establish production and operations of our unique and environmentally friendly aircraft in Marina,” says Gross. “Our company will create hundreds of jobs in the coming years as we grow our facilities at the Marina Municipal Airport. From design engineering to production technicians to business office functions and all supporting services, Joby will be the high-tech anchor in Monterey County, bringing with us hundreds of jobs both internally and externally.”  
Gross said she anticipates much collaboration with industry, academia, and government in the region, as Joby establishes itself as a positive presence in the Monterey Bay community.”

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