Making It Easy to Adopt Transportation Changes

As our regional employers with remote workforces consider a return to work, the Employer Membership program by Ecology Action makes it easier than ever for employees to use healthy, environmentally friendly, and money-saving transportation. This integrated employee mobility program helps meet people where they are at and can provide commuters with tools, direction, and resources to overcome barriers to change. It’s a perfect example of implementing the recommendations that came out of MBEP’s Transportation White Paper and Smart Commuting Toolkit.

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation, we need to increase adoption of electrification, expanded transit, and active transportation. 

Benefits include emergency rides home for commuters who regularly use sustainable transportation, 0% bike loans, free one-on-one consultations on everything from custom route planning to bike buying, and even a free two-week e-bike test ride. Ecology Action teamed up with MBEP to offer MBEP members a limited-time-only 10% discount to join the program, which is open to first-time subscribers and expires on Dec. 31, 2021. MBEP members Looker, the County of Santa CruzSanta Cruz Seaside Co., and UC Santa Cruz are just a few of the organizations already on board. Contact Matt Miller for more information on MBEP’s special offer. Learn more here.