City of Salinas Zoning Modifications
Could Help School District Create
New Affordable Teacher Housing

Salinas is modifying its zoning laws to align with a state law that allows school districts to provide affordable housing for district employees and their families.

The move by the city, which previously banned employer-sponsored housing, could help Salinas Union High School District address one of its most significant challenges: Hiring and retaining employees who struggle to afford housing in the region. Looking to create below-market-rate rental housing for its employees, the district reached out to the city to update its zoning code.

“Employers are increasingly playing a larger role in the welfare of their employees,” says MBEP Housing Program Manager Alyssa Kroeger. “Employers like Soledad Unified School District, Salinas Union High School District, Monterey Peninsula Unified School District, Cabrillo College, and others are raising the bar and creating much-needed, affordable homes for their employees. MBEP commends SUHSD’s lead on this charge for the City of Salinas and looks forward to working with and supporting many more employer-sponsored housing leaders in the region through our Employer-Sponsored Housing strategy, which supports partnerships between employers, developers, and the community to create more affordable housing for our region’s workforce.”

That support includes identifying suitable sites and best practices from other regions and building more local support for employer-sponsored housing solutions, says Kroeger. To learn more about how MBEP can help support this work, contact MBEP Housing Program Manager Alyssa Kroeger.

News courtesy of the Monterey County Weekly.