New ADU White Paper Aims to Educate about New Laws,

Strengthen Policies and Practices in Monterey County

In 2018, the Monterey Bay Economic Partnership (MBEP) partnered with Envision Housing to publish a Housing Policy White Paper, outlining several ways local governments can increase housing production, one of which is to encourage comprehensive accessory dwelling unit (ADU) production policies. A year later, MBEP partnered with United Way Monterey County (UWMC) and others to establish an ADU Initiative and Advisory to support the development of pro-ADU policies and production county-wide. Since then, UWMC has published a homeowners survey, co-hosted three ADU workshops, and developed a centralized resource hub to support homeowners, housing staff, planners, builders, housing advocates, and others in the advancement of ADU projects and policies. UWMC oversees and convenes the ADU Advisory group on a regular basis to provide capacity building, technical assistance, and industry material to share with their constituents. MBEP continues to play an advisory role and teamed up with UWMC to co-write a white paper on ADUs to help strengthen ADU policies and practices in Monterey County.

The first section of the white paper is designed to be an accessible, concise explanation of new state law updates, highlighting key takeaways and clarifying key points of confusion within the new laws. The second section offers policies and practices that can support local governments, residents, and other stakeholders involved in the creation of ADUs to strengthen the local ADU market.

The policy and program recommendations in this paper are meant to help educate residents, jurisdictions, and other stakeholders involved in ADU development on new state laws in addition to ADU benefits, opportunities, and resources that are available to them.

The document is open for continuous feedback and comments. Please contact United Way Monterey County or the Monterey Bay Economic Partnership for questions and/or presentations.