Bridging the Digital Divide

The path to digital literacy has to start somewhere. For some Monterey County residents, it might as well begin at a laundromat.

When Hartnell College set out to address the issue of digital literacy, it looked not to the students in its classrooms, a generation largely raised on smartphones, videogames and Chromebooks. Rather, it set its sights on the community beyond its campus, one which college catalogs and online registration processes seldom reach.

Ecology Action’s Every Fifth Grader Campaign

It’s cheap, healthy, fun and good for the planet. When it comes to riding a bicycle, what’s not to love?

That’s why Ecology Action’s Every Fifth Grader campaign is so amazing: It goes out into schools to make sure children get the skills they need to be comfortable – and safe – on two wheels. And now Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, which has signed on as a sponsor of the Every Fifth Grader campaign, is helping even more kids learn those essential safety skills.