In 2016, MBEP launched our housing initiative to support an increase in the supply of all housing at all income levels in the Monterey Bay region. Our initiative starts with a broad, regional coalition of individuals and organizations to advocate for the construction of all types of housing through our MBEP Action Center.

What we have accomplished

Launched Monterey Bay Housing Trust

Funding 500 new affordable homes.
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Published Housing White Paper

Resulting in 14+ new policies that are improving housing affordability
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Launched Action Center

Resulting in 2,029 new homes

Implemented Farmworker Housing Action Plan

Resulting in 2,200+ beds

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“Every time you pick up the news you’re reading about affordable housing and the incredible need for it. Working with the Monterey Bay Economic Partnership, affordable housing is being addressed, they’re bringing the right people together, we’re good to go.”

~ Greg Jamison, Grant Committee Chair, Monterey Peninsula Foundation


The State of California is experiencing a housing crisis that impacts virtually every component of our local communities from low-income families who struggle to pay rent to major businesses seeking to recruit and retain qualified members of the workforce. The crisis is well documented, and has been compounded by the coronavirus pandemic.


The Monterey Bay Housing Trust (MBHT) is a revolving loan fund sponsored by the Monterey Bay Economic Partnership (MBEP) and Housing Trust Silicon Valley. The goal of this fund is to increase the supply of affordable housing for low-income households. MBHT loans can finance acquisition, pre-development or construction of affordable housing in the Monterey Bay Region, inclusive of Santa Cruz, San Benito and Monterey counties.


Employers are increasingly playing a larger role in the welfare of their employees. In addition to health care benefits, retirement plans and wellness programs, some employers have raised the bar and created much-needed, affordable homes for their employees. MBEP applauds these creative and innovative efforts that provide benefits for the company, the employees and the community.


A Housing Element is a public planning document required by the State of California that provides a blueprint for housing development and growth over an eight-year period. In this webinar, we get into the nuts and bolts of Housing Elements, provide some historical context, guide you through all those tricky acronyms, outline the next steps for our region, and more! If you get lost in the technicalities, don’t worry. We do too! This is only the beginning of the process and we’re all here to learn together.

Monterey Bay Economic Partnership Housing Impact

Current Project Endorsements

831 Water Street

831 Water St. is a proposed housing development located near Downtown Santa Cruz featuring two five-story mixed-use buildings including 151 apartments, underground parking, and ground-floor commercial space, and…

Greenfield Commons

This project would provide 222 units of farmworker and other affordable housing targeting income levels of approximately 40% to 70% of Area Median Income. It would include community buildings with amenities such as multi-purpose…

Cedar Street Apartments

In January, MBEP endorsed the Cedar St. Apartments development. Located in the heart of Downtown Santa Cruz, Cedar St. Apartments answer a critical need for affordable housing and supportive housing in the City of Santa Cruz…

1482 Freedom Blvd.

On Tuesday, Feb 23rd, the 1482 Freedom Blvd project by Eden Housing received final approval by City Council for Density Bonus and Design Review Permit. Mayor Dutra gave the only “No” vote, citing that it is unfair for Watsonville …

Years Established

Endorsed Projects