111 Errett Circle, Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Approves Co-Housing Project

The Santa Cruz City Council unanimously approved a co-housing development project at 111 Errett Circle last week that could result in as many as 36 new homes being built on the site of the former Garfield Park Community Church. At its May 13 meeting, the council agreed to two site development options for the 1.62-acre circular piece of land, designed to allow for flexibility on the part of the developer. A plan preferred by the developers would allow up to 36 units in total, with 12 houses around a common building and an allowance for one regular and one junior ADU on each lot. A second option, preferred by city staff, would feature 10 houses, four ADUs, a common building, and six detached condominiums.

MBEP played a key role in rallying additional support and assisting the Circle of Friends LLC with its community engagement and development strategy.  Learn more
News courtesy of the Santa Cruz Sentinel and Santa Cruz Local.