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As an employer if you allow more than one employee to telecommute, treat it as a team activity rather than an individual one, whenever possible. Develop a team schedule, rather than an independent schedule, and a teleworking system that is consistent with the needs of the department and organization. Here are five best practices to help your team members maximize potential and create a successful telecommute option:

  • Designate office space
  • Establish work hours
  • Find peak productivity
  • Communicate early and often
  • Prioritize mutual trust

Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) has provided a detailed list of how to create an Effective Teleworking Program here.

Flex time 



Virtual meetings 








Did you know that telecommuting provides balance and allows employees to be more productive and happy at work. It is also cost effective and has a positive environmental impact. Did you also know that you save on office costs, rented space and can reduce the total cost of doing business by almost 30%. And lets not forget about productivity…if you are an employer who has 500 employees who work 2 days a week remotely and the average salary is $50K that is equivalent to an increased productivity of $1,950,000.