Energy Efficiency & Resilience

Renewable energy opportunities are a critically important piece of our economy and our climate action. Amidst mass disruption from current and future epidemics, how can we respond to impacts on businesses, increase safety and efficiencies, reduce energy costs, mitigate project risks, and build resilience during a period of crises? MBEP is working with members and service providers to promote available green energy programs, projects, and resources. MBEP is also exploring new partnerships to create new opportunities around carbon mitigation, environmental justice, job training, and economic stimulus.

MBEP Goals:

  • Support increase in EV ownership 
  • Encourage more zero-carbon microgrid facilities 
  • Promote incentive adoption for electrification and energy resiliency
  • Serve as a model as a Certified Green Business 
  • Research new low-cost innovations that support job creation

MBEP is working with the following members and partners to achieve these goals. If you are a member interested in collaborating with MBEP on energy efficiency and resilience programs or spotlights, please contact [email protected]


Monterey Bay Electric Vehicle Alliance (MBEVA), managed by Ecology Action, provides resources and support to help people in our region transition from gas to electric vehicle (EV) driving. EVs can be for all income levels and communities. Nervous about making the leap? Be inspired by those who have and check out the workshop below.


Greenpower will work with you to create customized solar and energy efficiency plans. No project is too small or too big. Their outreach and organizing capabilities helped broaden the scope of our local Community Choice Energy program, Monterey Bay Community Power, for example. And, they partnered with the San Benito Health Foundation to become California’s first healthcare facility powered by a solar energy microgrid.


3CE (formerly Monterey Bay Community Power) uses a Community Choice Energy model to source clean energy at a lower cost. Check out their suite of energy programs to identify which program is right for you, your business, or your community. Their energy programs range from building, ag, and school bus electrification opportunities to incentivizing more EV ownership and charging station installations. 3CE is providing community organizations and advocates with regular updates to their programs as well as a space for dialogue and idea-sharing. To start a conversation or discuss a topic important to your community, please contact [email protected].


As a Certified Green Business, MBEP is committed to conserving resources, commuting sustainably, recycling materials, partnering with local vendors, and preventing pollution in our facilities and operations. Learn about the many benefits of joining the Network and register for upcoming events here.