Workforce Development & Industry Employment

Workforce Development Overview:

MBEP’s Workforce Development Initiative seeks to create positive change through:

  • Collaborative approaches that bring new resources to the region
  • Amplify the impact of best practices
  • Assist with startups and expanding companies
  • Help better align education with job sectors
Several organizations have provided reports about workforce development in the Monterey Bay Region.

Monterey County Workforce Investment Board (WIB) Reports & Surveys

Santa Cruz County Workforce Investment Board (WIB) Reports & Surveys



Workforce Development & Industry Employment Data Tracker

Our Workforce Development & Industry Employment Tool showcases key indicators including: Population, Labor Force, Employment, Industry wages, Occupation Wages, Population Compositions and Industry Establishments. It is an interactive tool that provides state, regional, county and city-level data.

Click here or the image below to begin your dashboard experience. Please note: You can scroll over each graph and click on the “gear” icon to delve further into the data. Dashboard may take a moment to load.


Labor Market Snapshot


For the latest labor market snapshot from the Monterey County Workforce Investment Board, please view the latest report Monterey County Labor Market Snapshot (March 2018) to view data on:

  • Monthly unemployment rate trends for Monterey County – December 2016 to February 2018
  • Employers with Most Job Ads
  • Cities with Most Job Ads
  • Occupations with Most Job Ads
  • Job Growth by Sector – February 2017 to February 2018
  • Workers for Monterey County by Industry




Economic Analysis Tool

The State of California Employment Development Department provides an interactive map and data table tool to provide information on Regional Economic Analysis Profiles.

Geomapping of Industry Employment

Click on the image below to go to MBEP’s Regional Geomapping Tool to see an interactive detailed look at select industry employment in the region.


Top Employers in the Region (2015)

The table below shows the top employers in the Monterey Bay region in 2015 based on employment data provided by AMBAG using data from Info USA Employment Data. City and County employment provided by Payday California .

1) AMBAG using Info USA Employment Data 2015 (Downloaded 9/14/2016)
2) City and County employment provided by Payday California


Top 15 Employers – Monterey County
Rank Employer Main Location Industry Employees


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