External Data

This is where you can find meaning in the data. Many organizations where we live have already compiled reports to give you context on what this data means for communities. The reports are available for download at the following links and additional information is provided below.

If you know of other community reports that would benefit businesses and organizations in our region, please send a link to admin@mbep.biz.

Additional details by report available below:

  • Santa Cruz County Community Assessment Project (CAP)

    The comprehensive report provides details on the following (including but not limited to):

    • Demographics
    • Economy
      • Financial Well-Being
      • Job Opportunities
      • Unemployment rates
      • Household income
      • Poverty level
      • Affordable Housing
      • Foreclosures
    • Education
      • Educational Attainment
      • High School Graduation and Dropout rates
      • English Learner Students
      • Test Scores
      • Attendance
    •  Health
      • Health Community Goals
      • County Health Rankings
      • Access to Health Care
      • Low-income Health Care
      • Health Insurances
    • Public Safety
      • Family Violence
      • Drug Arrests
      • Juvenile Arrests
      • Jail Population Characteristics
      • Gang related cases and Arrests
      • Crime Rate
    • Social Environment
      • Social Activism
      • Youth Activities
      • Quality of Life
      • Racism and Discrimination
      • Homelessness
      • Basic Needs
    • Natural Environment
      • Protected Land
      • Farmers Market and Local Produce
      • Organic Farming
      • Pesticide Use
      • Water pollution Reduction
      • Water Use Reduction
      • Air Quality
  • United Way Monterey County Community Reports

    The comprehensive report provides details on the following (including but not limited to):


    • Point-in-time Census
      • Number and Characteristics of Homeless Persons in Monterey County
    • Homeless Survey Findings
      • Survey Demographics
      • Living Accommodations
      • Duration and Recurrence of Homelessness
      • Primary Cause of Homelessness
      • Services and Assistance
      • Employment and Income
      • Health
      • Domestic/Partner Violence or Abuse
      • Criminal Justice System
    • Homeless Subpopulations
      • Chronic Homelessness
      • Homeless Veteran Status
      • Homeless Families with Children
      • Unaccompanied Homeless Children and Transition-Age Youth
  • Monterey County Economic Forecast Report (2011)

    The comprehensive report provides details on the following (including but not limited to):

    • National Forecast
    • State Forecast
    • Local Forecast
    • Business Activity
    • Labor Markets
      • Economic Output
      • Consumer Spending
      • Industrial and Office Markets
      • Tourism
      • Parks
    • Agriculture
      • Production and Output
      • Farm Employment
    • Residential Real Estate
      • Building Permits
      • Foreclosures and Defaults
      • Apartment Rental Market
      • Existing Home Sales
      • New Home Sales
    • Commercial Real Estate
      • The Monterey County Office Market
      • The Monterey County Retail Market
      • Industrial Trends
      • Construction Trends
    • Social and Demographic Characteristics
      • Population, Income, and Occupations
      • Education
      • Social Services and Poverty
  • Monterey County Economic Report Competitive Clusters Status Report 2010-2011

    The comprehensive report provides tables and charts on the following (including but not limited to):

    • Monterey County Profile
    • Economic Indicators
    • Green Employment
    • Employment Dynamics
    • Agriculture
    • Housing Market
    • Education & Research
    • Creative & Technology
    • Tourism
  • Monterey County Health Assessment 2013

    The comprehensive report provides tables and charts on the following (including but not limited to):

    • Social Determinants of Health
    • Quality of Life
    • Health Indicators
    • Mental Health
    • Health Behaviors – Protective and Risk Factors
    • Injury Prevention and Safety
    • Environmental Health
    • Mortality
    • Access to Health Care
    • Health Care Resources
  • County of Monterey 2015-2023 Housing Element

    The comprehensive report provides tables and charts on the following (including but not limited to):

    • Population Characteristics and Trends
    • Employment Characteristics
    • Household Characteristics
    • Housing Stock Characteristics
    • Cost of Housing and Affordability
    • Affordable Housing
    • Housing Constraints
  • Tourism Reports and Presentations

    Several organizations have provided numerous reports and presentations about tourism in the Monterey Bay Region.

    See Monterey Visitor Statistics – Tourism facts and statistics about Monterey County on visitation, hospitality, assets, events and more.
    Monterey County Convention & Visitor Bureau (MCCVB) Reports and Presentations – Various research and statistics on tourism in Monterey County including economic impact from several popular events in Monterey County and detailed visitor profiles.
    Santa Cruz County Conference and Visitors Council (SCCCV) Reports

    Monterey Bay Aquarium Guest Highlights Report
    Monterey Bay Aquarium Community Impacts Report
    Visit California and Dean Runyan Associates Travel Impact Reports – Economic impact reports on tourism on the state, regional and county level with information on travel impacts, travel spending, travel employment and more.