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Education and Workforce Development

At the center of a strong future workforce is education for our students and how well they are prepared to enter the workforce. A strong education today will ensure a vibrant and skilled future workforce capable of meeting the needs of a changing world. A well-educated workforce is critical to having a strong regional economy. To get more detail on MBEP’s workforce programs, visit our Workforce Development page.

Bright Futures for Monterey County is focused on improving the talent within Monterey County by fostering progress in education for local students throughout their development cycle, from cradle to career.

Bright Futures provides an excellent infographic (The Pipeline to Bright Futures) that showcases the progression of education in Monterey County. The infographic provides details on the following:

  • Early Foundations (Birth – 5th Grade): Preschool attendance, kindergarten readiness, reading and writing level
  • Middle Years (6th-8th Grade): English and math proficiencies
  • High School (9th – 12th Grade): High school graduation rate by gender, university prerequisite course completion by gender, financial aid, SAT taken
  • College Ready: Local school placement test pass rates, college going rate
  • Career Ready: Local college graduation and transfer rate, high school grads earning post-high school credentials

The infographic by Bright Futures for Monterey County is provided here for your convenience. Please visit Bright Futures for additional information and data.


California School Accountability Dashboard

For an in-depth look into the performance of the schools in the Monterey Bay Region, EdSource provides the California School Accountability Dashboard. The easy to use dashboard summarizes measures of achievements for each school based on data and reports from the California Department of Education.

Please visit the site here or click on the image below to search for schools in the region to explore the following indicators:

  • Chronic Absenteeism
  • College/Career Readiness Indicator
  • Suspension Rates
  • English Language Arts Performance
  • Math Performance
  • High School Graduation Rate


Public Primary and Secondary Schools

Instructions: Please select from the drop-down menus to filter by County and School Districts. The map can be further filtered by education level through the checkbox legend inside the map.

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Dive deeper into facts about each public primary and secondary school
For more detailed information about each school and district, please click the “See the stats” links below to visit the Education Data Partnership website in order to view data about

  • Demographics (Enrollment, Average Class Size, Ethnic Diversity, Educational Options and more measures)
  • Performance (High School Exit Exams, ACT Average Scores, Cohort Graduates/Dropouts, SAT scores, AP Test and more measures)

See the stats:




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