Economic Data

MBEP Economic Workbook

The MBEP team aggregated key economic indicators from publicly available sources to provide you with a spreadsheet for your own use. The data is available by county and by city (where available).

Last updated: January 2020.

The following data and more is included in the spreadsheet available for download here:

  • Demographics (Sex, Age, Race, etc.)
  • Population (historical, current and projections through 2060)
  • Social (Households, Marital Status, Place of birth, School Enrollment, Immigration, etc.)
  • Education (school enrollment by education level, including projections)
  • Educational Attainment
  • Economics (Employment Status, Commuting, Industry Employment, Income)
  • Labor Markets (Labor Force, Employment, Unemployment, Industry Employment/Establishments/Pay, etc.)
  • Wages (Occupational Employment Wages)
  • Employment and Economic Forecasts
  • Housing (Occupancy, Housing Tenure, Value, Mortgage Status, Gross Rent)
  • Housing Affordability (Median Price, Housing Needs Allocation, Housing Affordability Index)
  • Transportation (Means of transportation to work, travel time, number of vehicles, earnings by transportation)
  • Broadband (Internet subscription types, internet speeds, etc.)
  • Tourism (Travel Spending, Travel-Generated Employment, Visitor Spending, Industry Earnings by Travel Spending, etc.)

Click on the screenshot below to download this data.

Housing Affordability Data

The MBEP team aggregated key indicators related to housing in our region as part of our Housing Initiative.

Monterey County: Excel Data and PowerPoint Slides (Updated Aug. 2019)
Santa Cruz County: Excel Data and PowerPoint Slides (Updated Aug. 2019)
San Benito County: Excel Data and PowerPoint Slides  (Updated Aug. 2019)

The following data is included:

  • Median Home Value, 1997-2018
  • Median Rent, 2011-2018
  • Housing Opportunity Index
  • Occupation Wages
  • Affordable Rents by Job Sector
  • Renter-Occupied Housing
  • % of Renters Spending 30% or more of their income on housing
  • Growth in Median Rent and Income
  • Regional Housing Needs Allocation



Immigration Data

The Migration Policy Institute (MPI), which is dedicated to the study of the movement of people worldwide, provides a wealth of data related to undocumented immigrations in our region.

For your convenience, a data spreadsheet available to download here provides insight and data related to undocumented immigration, including:

  • Total Undocumented Population by County
  • State Tax Local Tax Contributions for Undocumented Population
  • Workforce Composition
  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) data by County
  • Population (historical, current and projections through 2060)
  • In-depth Profile of Undocumented Population (Demographics, Family, Education and Language, Workforce and Economics)



United Way Real Cost Measure in California Report

The United Ways of California released a new statewide report on financial challenges for working families Please visit the website here to view in an in depth look into households budgets through the following:

  • Interactive Maps
  • County Profiles
  • Public Data Sets



California Economic Snapshot

Please visit The California Academy for Economic Development for the latest reports on:

  • Annual Nonfarm job Growth
  • Annual Industry Segment Job Growth
  • Annual Major Sector Job Growth
  • Annual Job Gains and Losses
  • Annual Average Unemployment Rate
  • Metropolitan Area and Non-Metropolitan County Annual Nonfarm Job Growth



Monterey Bay Region Cluster Mapping

The U.S. Cluster Mapping site, provided Harvard Business School’s Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness in partnership with the U.S. Department of Commerce and U.S. Economic Development Administration, provides data on industry clusters and business environments for regions around the country.

Click on the links below to view the cluster mapping summary for our Monterey Bay Region

The cluster mapping summaries provide information on the following (including but not limited to):

  • Performance and Drivers
    • Prosperity (Annual Wage, Employment, Poverty Rate, Innovation, Establishments)
    • Business Environment (Venture Capital, Educational Attainment, Cluster Strength, Manufacturing Intensity)
    • Demographics & Geography
  • Cluster Portfolio
    • Traded clusters
    • Traded vs. Local Clusters
    • Top Clusters by Employment
    • Patents by Organization



County Health Rankings

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation provides a very informative website, County Health Rankings & Roadmaps, which includes data on:
  • Length of Life
  • Quality of Life
  • Health Behaviors
  • Clinical Care
  • Social & Economic Factors
  • Physical Environment
Please click on the links below to view health outcomes and health factors for our Monterey Bay Region:



U.S. Census QuickFacts

The U.S. Census provides an interactive table that provides statistics for cities, states and counties which can be viewed here for the Monterey Bay Region.


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