MBEP Scholars Supporting School Attendance in Santa Cruz County

MBEP Scholars is a school-based program working to combat absenteeism among Santa Cruz County youth. Partnering with the Santa Cruz Warriors and local school districts, this program provides incentives in the form of Santa Cruz Warriors tickets to K-8 students who demonstrate improved school attendance. Students who meet attendance goals within participating schools have the opportunity to attend Santa Cruz Warriors games. Promoting academic success starts at home, which is why each student will be able to bring one family member to accompany them at the game. 
"We have started our first week of monitoring [student absenteeism], and the results we are seeing are very positive. We currently have contracts with 21 students to improve their tardies. At the end of the first week of monitoring 19 of 21 students have improved their tardies enough to be eligible for the raffle. Nothing else we have tried to date has been this successful out of the box. So grateful for this MBEP Scholars program!
Kat McElwee, Assistant Principal
Mission Hill Middle School, Santa Cruz
"We have seen great results since we spoke with students and parents in September. Of the 15 students we were most concerned about, 13 have shown tremendous improvement. Students are excited about the games. Thank you!"
David Salles, Assistant Principal
Branciforte Middle School, Santa Cruz