The Monterey Bay Economic Partnership was founded in 2015 to create a thriving region with quality jobs, excellent education and health care, and a high quality of life for all residents while preserving the natural beauty and healthy lifestyle we all share. MBEP’s strategy is to create and implement initiatives aligned with this vision. Our current initiatives include:  Transportation, Housing, Workforce, Technology and Events. 

MBEP is dedicated to improving the quality of life in the region, and how we move within and between our cities has a major impact on the well-being of our neighborhoods and residents. Learn More.

We believe that a robust quality of life is important for all of our residents. One important step to achieve our mission is ensuring the availability of safe and affordable housing in the Monterey Bay Region. Learn More.


Our Workforce Development Initiative seeks to create positive change through collaborative approaches that bring new resources to the region, amplify the impact of best practices, assist with startups and expanding companies and help better align education with job sectors. Learn More.

Tech-2-color-icon-with-words.jpgAccording to journalist Brady Dale, the critical components to a vibrant tech scene include having successful companies, access to capital, educational institutions, co-working / accelerator / maker spaces, tech reporters, lots of engineers, really fast internet and informal leaders. We are working to ensure the Monterey Bay Region sustains a tech ecosystem. Learn More.

Each year MBEP hosts two highly-anticipated, day long events that focus on important aspects of our regional vitality. The spring Regional Economic Summit focuses on specific issues that drive our economy, while the fall State of the Region event explores the foundational elements that contribute to a vibrant region, such as housing, health care and workforce development. Learn More.


At MBEP we work with our members and partners to find common goals and strategies that support a sustainable and thriving region by:

LEAD: Convene people to find solutions

IMPACT: Catalyze new regional resources

THRIVE: Share best practices across the region