Site Selection

We understand that current and easy-to-access information is a must in your decision-making process. We also know that our expertise and knowledge of the Monterey Bay Region will assist you in the selection process every step of the way. Learn more about our counties, our key industries, and the services and support we can provide you and your company.

Development Opportunities
We have promising plans and projects in place for growth and expansion opportunities in the Monterey Bay Region.

Relocation Assistance
We can assist you in the relocation process by facilitating meetings, providing data and research, and setting up customized site tours.

Recent Expansions & New Developments
Read more about the companies and businesses that have chosen to relocate and expand in the Monterey Bay Region.

Regional Data
Verified, clean data is essential to decision making. Get the information you need to make the best decision for site selection or relocating to the Monterey Bay region.

LoopNet Commercial Real Estate Tool
Search properties by square footage, property type and/or location.