Making the Monterey Bay Region Home

The Monterey Bay Region has it all: beautiful landscapes and scenery, outstanding climate, and a multitude of events, entertainment and opportunities that will satisfy all tastes. Stroll through our quaint seaside towns, take in a local historical museum, or connect with nature along our coastline or rolling hills. Residents of the region enjoy a quality healthcare and education system that make living in the Monterey Bay Region even more rewarding.

Arts & Culture
Home to museums, galleries and performing arts venues, the Monterey Bay Region is a hub for artistic expression.

Luxurious resorts, beautiful coastal drives and charming seaside towns attract tourists from all over the globe to the region.

The parks system in the Monterey Bay Region is extensive with acres of land and lakes, as well as world-class golf courses.

Regional Events
Laguna Seca is the site of at least five car races each year, and other venues host a wide range of regional events from triathlons to art walks.

Location & Climate
The Monterey Bay Region enjoys a superb climate with moderate temperatures and average rainfall of about 19 inches per year.

K-12 Education
The Monterey Bay Region is represented by over 40 school districts that provide a wide variety of educational options.

Higher Education & Research
Cutting edge studies, programs and policy advancements by world renown professsionals.

The Monterey Bay Region is home to top medical professionals, as well as several hospitals and urgent care facilities.