Anyone who spends anytime in their car knows that traffic can be very disruptive and affect our quality of life in the Monterey Bay Region. We have too many cars on our roads and not enough viable, alternative options. To help us better understand the issue, MBEP is committed to sharing data that will help us make informed decisions, and understand the compromises and trade-offs that are necessary when investing in infrastructure projects of this scale.

Transportation is a hot topic! Two ballot measures, one in Santa Cruz County and one in Monterey County, were passed in the November 2016 election. The community voted to support a sales tax that will provide much-needed funding for road maintenance and regional projects that will improve safety on local roads and highways, repair potholes, maintain streets and roads, reduce traffic congestion, improve transportation for seniors, young people, and people with disabilities, and make walking and biking safe.

Transportation Agency for Monterey County (TAMC)

The TAMC serves as Monterey County's regional transportation planning agency. Visit thier site here for more information. TAMC also provides traffic volume data on the county's regional roads, highway network and various local city roads.

Transportation reports for Monterey County:
  • Monterey County Regional Transportation Plan 2014 - Comprehensive report provided by the TAMC that satisfies state and federal requirements to identify transportation projects that can be funded over the next 25 years to serve the county's transportation needs.

Visit the TAMC traffic count page here to find the following:
  • Traffic Volume - Download TAMC's data spread sheet to view traffic volume data during off and on peak times, including average daily traffic.
  • Interactive Map - The TAMC also provides an interactive map to get a quick glance of various traffic volume metrics for a selected road. 

Monterey County Traffic Engineering Division

The Monterey County Traffic Engineering Division is responsible for the safe and efficient movement of traffic on County maintained roads.

Visit the site here for more information and to download the latest Annual Average Daily Traffic data file.

Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission (SCCRTC)

The SCCRTC is the regional transportation planning agency for Santa Cruz County. The SCCRTC is responsible for delivering safe, convenient, reliable and efficient transportation choice for the community.

Visit the SSCRTC site here for more information and to download the latest Santa Cruz County traffic counts available.

Transportation reports for Santa Cruz County:
  • Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Plan 2014 - Comprehensive report provided by the SCCRTC on the region's long range transportation plan and provides guidance for decisions about transportation spending priorities. 
  • The Great Santa Cruz Trail 2016 - Comprehensive study  by the Great Santa Cruz Trail Group to facilitate a regional, public discussion regarding the option to convert up to 32 miles of existing rail corridor to a multi-use trail between Santa Cruz and Watsonville.
San Benito Council of Governments

The San Benito Council of Governments is San Benito County's regional transportation planning agency. Visit their page here for more information.

Transportation reports for San Benito County:
  • San Benito Regional Transportation Plan 2014 - Comprehensive report provided by the Council of San Benito County Governments on the future growth and transportation investments needed to support the planned expansion of residential, commercial and industrial sectors.