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For more detailed information about health care in our Region, click the "See the stats" links below to visit the State of California Office of Statewide Health Planning & Development (OSHPD) website:

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County Health Rankings

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation provides a very informative website, County Health Rankings & Roadmaps, which includes data on:
  • Length of Life
  • Quality of Life
  • Health Behaviors
  • Clinical Care
  • Social & Economic Factors
  • Physical Environment
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Youth Health and Well Being

  • Insurance for the youth in the Monterey Bay region approaches nearly 100% in 2014 for all three counties, higher than the state average.
  • Youth Obesity in Santa Cruz and San Benito counties have been consistently higher than the state average in the past couple years. Monterey County has managed to keep youth obesity rates on the lower end.
  • The amount of people served by regional food banks have been increasing steadily over the past couple years in Monterey and Santa counties, while decreasing in San Benito County.
  •  Nearly 70% of students in Monterey County received free or reduced cost meals, significantly higher than in Santa Cruz and San Benito counties.

Public Safety
  • Crime in the Monterey Bay region has been on a gradual decline since 2005.
    • Monterey County: 25% reduction in crime since 2005 (16,567 crimes in 2005 to 12,492 crimes in 2014)
    • Santa Cruz County: 19% reduction in crime since 2005 (11,459 crimes in 2005 to 9,312 crimes in 2014)
    • San Benito County: 43% reduction in crime since 2005 (1,630 crimes in 2005 to 936 crimes in 2014)
  • However, the reduction in crime is almost all attributable to a reduction in property crimes, while the number of violent crimes have increased or decreased slightly over the years across the region.

Source: California Department of Justice Criminal Justice Profiles has data on:
  • Adult Probation Caseload and Actions
  • Arrest Dispositions
  • Arrests
  • Crimes and Clearances
  • Criminal Justice Full-time Personnel
  • Domestic Violence-Related Calls for Assistance